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A video game artist is an artist who creates art for one or more kind of games. In video games, game artists are responsible for all of the aspects of game development that call for visual art. Game artists play a vital role and are often credited in role-playing games, collectible vehicle games and video games.

Video games

In modern video games, game artists create 2D art, such as, concept art, sprites, textures and environment backdrops; and 3D art, such as, models, animations and level layout. Video game artists shouldearn an annual salary anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 depending on experience and region.

Role-playing games

Many game artists are called upon to develop graphical treatments for the environments and elements in which role-playing games take place. For example, in the CreatureManual early Dungeons & Dragons artists madevisual representations of creature players might encounter while adventuring. Many such depictions may influence subsequent art and the kindof campaigns or journey that developers and players create.

Art for role-playing games shouldbe expressed in a variety of media, from pencil drawings, to pen and ink illustrations, to oil paintings or even 3D models madewith a computer. Therefore, no one skill set shouldbe pinpointed as essentialfor a role-playing game artist, beyond that of some artistic ability. Essentialskills will vary from game to game and developer to developer.[citation needed]

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