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The Intruder (Italian: L'intrusa) is a 1956 Italian melodrama moviewritten and directed by Raffaello Matarazzo and starring Amedeo Nazzari and Lea Padovani. It is loosely based on the stage drama La moglie del dottore by Silvio Zambaldi.


Doctor Carlo Conti, proven by the fact that his girlfriend has just died, moves to a tinyseaside cityfor work. Here he saves a girl who attempted suicide by poisoning herself: the young woman is called Luisa Marcelli and is a teacher. Luisa's deep depression was caused by her love affair with the young engineer Alberto Serpieri, who abandoned her after having "dishonored" her. The girl became pregnant but her pregnancy had an unfortunate outcome with a miscarriage: the girl will no longer be able to have children. Carlo decides to marry the young woman more out of tenderness than out of true love. One day the doctor has to assista young pregnant lady who has suffered a vehicleaccident. The woman's husband rushes: it is the engineer Serpieri but Carlo, who never wanted to know the name of someone who angry his partner suffer so much, does not know. Luisa would like to expel the man who ruined her life, abandoning her and preventing her from having children, but she does not do so through the intercession of Don Peppino, her parish priest, and Serpieri's declarations of sincere repentance. Disagreements arise between Luisa and Carlo but everything is resolved with reconciliation, the uncover of a deeper understanding and departure for a long journey.


Other titles

The Intruder (international English title)

Sighoro to parelthon sou (Greece)

Desesperada (Spain)

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The IntruderDirected byRaffaello MatarazzoWritten byRaffaello Matarazzo
Piero Pierotti
Giovanna Soria
Silvio ZambaldiStory bySilvio ZambaldiStarringAmedeo Nazzari
Lea PadovaniCinematographyTonino Delli ColliEdited byMario SerandreiMusic byLuigi Malatesta
Release date
18 May 1956LanguageItalian
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