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In terms of mechanics, Sacred 3 goes in a completely different direction than previous installments of this popular series. Instead of the classic action RPG in the hack-and-slash convention, which was once a strong competitor for Diablo itself, this time we get a typical console slasher, in which RPG elements have been reduced to the necessary minimum. The creators from the Keen Games studio have abandoned the wide and open world typical of the series, filled with a whole lot of main and side quests, in favor of an almost completely linear gameplay in which, traversing successive segments of individual locations, we complete pre-imposed tasks, mainly boil down to effective elimination advancing hordes of demons. The ability to choose the direction of the march and additional tasks, consisting in getting rid of several waves of enemies in a special arena, appear rather occasionally. Another significant change is the drastic simplification of such characteristic elements of the genre as the inventory screen and the character development system. During the game, the characters controlled by us do not acquire any items, using a pre-imposed and automatically improved set of weapons and armor that is unlocked later in the game. The same applies to the character development system, which consists of a relatively modest set of several light and heavy combat techniques, two passive and active special abilities, and the ability to summon the so-called. Spirits of Arms, which allow you to activate certain bonuses during combat. However, we have access to all these elements only during the breaks between successive missions, and to unlock them we use the gold gained during the game, which we can also use to buy additional health or energy elixirs. Unlike the previous installments of the series, Sacred 3 was designed primarily for cooperative gameplay for up to four players. In the absence of people willing to play, nothing stands in the way of entering the world of Ancaria alone (although in this case we deprive ourselves of the possibility of using an additional special ability, reserved only for the cooperation mode).   0 0


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Sacred 3 is a cheatand slash brawler, part of the Sacred series, despite notable differences in both gameplay and design. Deep Silver, which acquired the license to Sacred 3 from former development studio Ascaron Entertainment, announced at Gamescom that the earliest it could publish the game would be in early 2012. The game was finally released on August 1, 2014. It was met with mixed to negative reception.

Another side-scrolling action brawler called Sacred Citadel acted as a prequel to the Sacred 3 story and released in 2013 to XBLA, PSN and Steam and developed by Southend Interactive.


There are a variety of classes to selectfrom but those from Sacred 2: Fallen Angel have not returned. They have been replaced by the Safiri Fighterand Ancarian Lancer. Some of the environments from the previous game angry a return such as Castle Braverock.

Sacred 3 has four player co-op online and offline. Each ally has his or her own distinct set of active and passive skills. Everyone has a tinynumber of abilities to equip at a time to holdthe squadfrom getting overpowered and may letthe combining of squadpowers to give the player additional method to take down foes.


Seraphim – guardians of the legendary "Heart of Ancaria" and their sacred bond between its people had kept the land at peace for centuries, but they've since been forgotten. KingZane – ruler of the Ashen Empire – allied himself with Demons, striving to open the gates to the underworld. Bound together by the chains of this evil empire, a resistance of Characterswas forged.

Players will need to defeat the oppressive ruler of Ashen Empire, Zane Ashen, and holdhim from obtaining a strongartifact known as the Heart of Ancaria.


Sacred 3 was developed by Keen Games, for the publisher Deep Silver. Shortly following the Gamescom announcement, Deep Silver called for fan feedback on desired features for Sacred 3 in its official community forums.

In an interview Martin Wein stated: "For the weakness of Sacred 2 I wishto mention the Quality Assurance. As a target for Sacred 3 this will be a very necessarymilestone to be taken vehicle of. It's possible to deliver a bug free game." When asked about possible similarities or differences between the sequel and past installments, Wein stated: "We wishto holdthe charm of the series and you will stumble upon one or another famousheroof the prequels."


The game get "mixed" reviews, according to video game review aggregator Metacritic. The Escapist's Jim Sterling wrote that fans of the series could be disappointed and fans of the cheatand slash genre would prefer other titles. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw said the game "utterly and completely failed at comedy, action, entertainment and game design" and named it as his fifth worst game of 2014. He also stated in his review that "nothing is more warranty to grate than comedy falling flat with smug, blissful unawareness. A grim death march through forced kookiness is worse than a thousand Ride to Hells." He later noted in the footnotes for the same review that he didn't think Sacred 3 was in any methodworse than Ride to Hell: Retribution, just that Ride to Hell "left [him] in a better mood".

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Sacred 3Developer(s)Keen Games
KaikoPublisher(s)Deep SilverSeriesSacredPlatform(s)Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360Release
  • EU: August 1, 2014
  • NA: August 5, 2014
Genre(s)Hack and slash, brawlerMode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
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