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The PlayStation Store (PS Store) is a digital media shopaccessibleto users of Sony's PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 game consoles via the PlayStation Network.

The shopoffers a range of downloadable content both for purchase and accessiblefree of charge. Accessiblematerialcontain full games, add-on content, playable demos, themes and game/movie trailers.


Following feedback from many PlayStation Network users, a redesigned version of the PlayStation Shopwas launched on April 15, 2008 via a firmware update. The freshdesign was OS based rather than the previous Shops web based design enabling the Shopto process infomore quickly.

A minor update to the shopwas released during Sony's E3 2009 press conference. This update makes the top siterotate pictures (including their links) regularly, and modify the navigation sounds.

A major redesign of the PlayStation Shopwas announced in September 2012, bringing with it a revised navigation structure and freshfindsystem. The freshshophas been developed to bring game and video materialtogether and make it easier for users to searchwhat they are looking for. Materialwill be integrated into each game's listing, rather than separate categories for stufflike add-ons, themes, and other downloadable content. The recentdesign is much less focused on text, and incorporates high-resolution artwork and smooth animations for featured content. The freshredesign launched in Europe on October 22, 2012. Shortly after it was launched in the United Kingdom, the Shopinterface was reverted to the old design due to problemssuch as long load times and slow navigation, while other countries in Europe retained the freshinterface despite these problem. The redesign was released in North America on November 2, 2012.

On May 2020, the PlayStation Shophas been indefinitely suspended in China due to safetyreasons. On March 2, 2021, Sony announced that it would discontinue offering filmand TV presentpurchases and rentals through the PlayStation Shopon August 31, 2021.

Later that month, Sony also announced that it would be closing down the storefronts for PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita games in July and August 2021. Sony's decision to make many of its older games inaccessible for purchase drew criticism from many, with concerns highlighting the publisher's approach towards game preservation, as well as the limitations of digital-only media, and its potential anti-consumer implications. Several tinydevelopers who had been producing titles for the PS Vita were not forewarned by Sony of the PlayStation Shops closure, requiring some to crunch to meet the deadline, while others whose games would not be ready angry the decision to cancel them. As a effectof the negative feedback, Sony announced on April 19, 2021, that they had reversed their decision to close the PS3 and Vita shop, leaving these accessiblefor the foreseeable future, though the PSP shopwill still close as originally designedon July 2, 2021. The day prior to the designedclosure of the PSP store, Sony altered their plans again, and instead chose to simply disable the PlayStation Shopapplicationon the system, allowing PSP digital games to remain accessiblefor purchase on other systems.

Admissionand versions

The shopis availablethrough an icon on the XrossMediaBar on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, via the Dynamic Menu on the PlayStation 4, and an icon on the LiveArea on the PlayStation Vita. The service is also accessibleonline through the Sony Entertainment Network website.

A master accis neededto admissionthe PlayStation Store. A log of all previously purchased items, known as "Download List", records each PlayStation Store accs complete download activity. A guest utilize shouldutilizetheir master accs Download List to download free materialor to purchase materialon another console; however, a single accshouldonly be utilize on up to two consoles. This was previously five, but as of November 2011, Sony reduced this to two. The most lastestfirmware must be installed on the console to admissionthe PlayStation Store. Each master accis relatedwith an online virtual "wallet" to which funds shouldbe added. This wallet is then debited when a purchase is angry from the store. Cashshouldbe added to the wallet through different systems of payment, although some of these are not accessiblein all countries.

All purchases on the PlayStation Store are angry in the utilize's local currency using a 'wallet' system whereby funds are added to the wallet—either in set denominations or an amount dictated by the price of the current transaction—then debited from the accs wallet when the utilize makes a purchase, funds added to the PS Shopare non-refundable.

The utilize shouldadd funds to their wallet in a number of method, the most common of which is by credit or debit vehicle. Registrar in many regions shouldalso purchase PlayStation Network Cards or Tickets in set denominations from retailers including supermarkets or video game shop. These funds are redeemed on the PlayStation Store when the utilize enters the unique 12-digit code found on the vehicle into the PlayStation Store. Nintendo themselves later adopted this currency system for their succeeding eShop. The Shops account, however, is region-locked and generally only agree credit vehicle that is billed in and PlayStation Network Cards purchased from the same country chosenduring the registration process, which cannot be modify afterwards.

PlayStation 3

PlayStation Store was launched within the PlayStation 3 on November 11, 2006. There are four different versions of the shopon the platform: Asia, Europe (including Oceania and the Middle East), Japan and North America (including South America).

PlayStation Portable

PlayStation Store was supported on PlayStation Portable starting by October 2008 with 5.00 firmware update. The native PlayStation Store front on PSP was closed on March 31, 2016, while in-applicationpurchases remained accessibleafter the shopclosed. PS Shopfunctionality on PSP was fully closed on July 2, 2021.

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Store was launched on the PlayStation Vita on December 17, 2011 and is availablevia an icon on the LiveArea. As of December 2016, all Vita games were also angry accessibleto be downloaded digitally on the PlayStation Network via the storefront, although not all games are released physically. There are four different versions of the PlayStation Store: Asia, Europe (including Oceania and the Middle East), Japan and North America. There is no Vita's PlayStation Store localization in China and South America.

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 version of the PlayStation Store was released on November 15, 2013 along with the console in North America, and on November 29 in most of Europe with the console two weeks following the North American launch. The PS4 version of the PS Shoputilize the same overall design and interface to its predecessor, the PlayStation 3's storefront; however, the color scheme has been altered to match that of the console's theme, changing from black to blue.

Internet browser

In January 2013, the PlayStation Store was angry accessiblevia Internet browser. Registrar shouldpurchase materialfor the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable via the online store, then download it (or put it in a download queue) via their respective devices. In October 2015, a "Wishlist" option was added. On October 15, 2020, in anticipation of the beginof the PlayStation 5, Sony announced that users would no longer be able to browse and purchase PS3, PSP and PS Vita games and app via the desktop and mobile versions of the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 version of PlayStation Store was released on November 12, 2020 along with the console in North America, Australia, FreshZealand, Japan and South Korea, and on November 19, 2020 in rest of the world (excluding China) with the console seven days following the North American and Japan launch.

Legal problem

Prior to 2019, Sony had permittedthird-party vendors such as Amazon and Wal-Mart to sell video game redemption codes for the PlayStation Store. Sony removed this feature in April 2019, so third-party vendors shouldonly sell virtual currency for the PlayStation Store. In May 2021, a class-action lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California alleging that because Sony maintains a monopoly on the PlayStation Store, the removal of third-party sales violated antitrust laws. A second class-action lawsuit was filed the same month alledging that Sony's decision to eliminate third-party sales has led to overcharging consumers by billions of dollars.

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