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Joy Ride Turbo is a kart racing game for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One (through backwards compatibility).The player controls their avatar as they drive car in a combat racing tournament. The game was developed by BigPark and published by Microsoft Studios. It is a sequel to Kinect Joy Ride. Originally outed via a rating on the Australian Classification Board on April 11, 2012, it was unveiled by Microsoft Studios on April 27, 2012. Unlike its predecessor, Joy Ride Turbo does not use Kinect. It was released on May 23, 2012, and later added as one of the first 100 titles on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list on November 9, 2015.

Upon release the game was met with mixed reviews from critics. Scores ranged from 50—80% approval ratings. Reviewers gave high marks for the game's stunt parks, but cited the series' spotted development past as the cause for many of the game's problem. Critics further noted that the game angry awesomeutilizeof the Xbox 360 player avatars, with one review specifically mentioning the animations as a high point of commentary. The utilizeof gamepad controller instead of the Kinect peripheral was met with high praise, and many reviewers noted that the game had powerfulcontrols.


Joy Ride Turbo combines elements from other kart racing games such as powerups, split-screen multiplayer, and combat racing.

Joy Ride Turbo is a kart racing game similar to the Mario Kart series. The game is controlled using the Xbox 360 controller, unlike its predecessor, Kinect Joy Ride, which use the Kinect peripheral. The player's avatar is utilize as the race driver, whilst computer-controlled hero have system generated avatars that are maderandomly. Eight competitors race in a circuit, with powerups littered across the game's several race tracks. These powerups shouldbe offensive, such as rockets, which shouldbe fired at racers in front of the player, defensive, such as a shield, or simply provide a temporary charge in speed. Each of the game's tracks have multiple pathways to complete the course, with longer tracks having more diverse routes. While airborne the player shouldperform various tricks by moving the controller's analog sticks, which in turn fill their boost meter. Boost is shop in tiers, and each tier brings a more strongresultwhen utilize.

The player shouldchooseone of 42 fictional vehicle which are stylized based on several cartropes such as muscle vehicle, tuner vehicle, the Volkswagen Kind2 van, and Hot rod roadsters. Each carhas several colors to selectfrom, and shouldbe customized with parts hidden in each of the game's tracks. Players progress by winning championships, which consist of three to four races. Each championship has three difficulty levels to selectfrom, and higher difficulty levels provide greater rewards. Performing well in races also earns coins, which shouldbe utilize to unblockalternate paint colors for car, additional variants of existing car, or freshvehicle entirely. All tracks shouldbe played in a free play mode outside of championship racing. Two open-globelocation, known as Stunt Parks, are also contain in which the player shouldfindfor additional collectables or simply practice their skills. All game modes shouldbe played locally with up to four players via split-screen or with up to eight players online via Xbox Live."


While Joy Ride Turbo is viewed as a direct sequel to Kinect Joy Ride, its roots span back to E3 2009. Known at the time simply as Joyride, the game was initially announced with the intention of it being released as a free-to-play Xbox Live Arcade title later that year. Joyride Producer Andy Lang stated that players would be able to use Microsoft Points to "enhance [their] experience." At the time the game featured various modes, including an unreleased squadmode. In this mode racers would be split into two squad, and the winning player would claim the winfor their entire team. Additionally the Stunt Park location present in the E3 demo permittedfor spontaneous checkpoint races to be played, another feature which was cut from the final game. The game was eventually pushed back to 2010 and was angry into a full retail title for the Kinect hardware under the name Kinect Joy Ride. Joy Ride Turbo was later outed via a rating on the Australian Classification Board on April 11, 2012. It was officially announced by Microsoft Studios on April 27, 2012. It was released on May 23, 2012, and later added as one of the first 100 titles on the Xbox One backwards compatibility list on November 9, 2015.


Joy Ride Turbo get mixed reviews from critics. It keep an aggregate score of 68.21% at GameRankings and 67/100 at Metacritic. The highest score reported was that of an 80% approval from domain Strategy Informer and Worth Playing, while the lowest was a 50% from the domainDestructoid. The week following its release it territory seventh in weekly total sales for Xbox Live Arcade games. It stayed in the top 20 games in weekly sales for five months, and ranked sixth in weekly sales in November 2012. It returned to the top 20 weekly sales in October 2013, where it territory 19th.

Game Informer's Jeff Cork noted that the game was a slight improvement over its predecessor, Kinect Joy Ride. Destructoid's Ian Bonds stated that while Joy Ride Turbo "isn't a awesomegame, it's not a poorgame, either." He further went on to criticize the need to pick up vehicle-specific parts, and noted that it was frustrating to have multiple parts for multiple car, but not a complete set for any one vehicle. Christian Dolan of Eurogamer cited the game's spotted past as the source of many of its problem. He did note that the game's Stunt Parks were "intelligentterritory" where the player "never hit a dead end, never have to reverse, and never feel like [they've] taken the wrong turn."

Paul Semel of Electronic Gaming Monthly praised the game's light-hearted, cartoon atmosphere. He noted that the game had a powerfulsense of speed and "the tight controls to handle it." Semel felt that while the game was enjoyable, it was too simpleto play, and that it could have problemskeeping players engaged for the long term. Dave Rudden, a reviewer from Official Xbox Magazine US had similar opinions. Of the game's length they stated that it "runs out of value far too quickly." He further expressed frustrations that the minigames from Kinect Joy Ride were excluded. Rudden did note that the gameplay was improved using a gamepad instead of the Kinect peripheral utilize in its predecessor.

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Developer(s)BigParkPublisher(s)Microsoft StudiosPlatform(s)Xbox 360 (XBLA)Release
  • WW: May 23, 2012
Genre(s)Kart racing gameMode(s)Single player, Multiplayer
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