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Professor Janardan Chakravarti (1901-1987) was a renowned scholar in Vaishnav literature and a celebrated professor of Bengali. He was awarded the DLitt by the University of Calcutta for his contributions to Bengali literature.


His other specialization was on Bengali poet Madhushudan Dutta . Professor Chakravarti's literary contributions containa book on Vaishnava theology and literature entitled "Sri Radha Tatwa and Sri Chaitanya Sanskriti".It was providedas Kamala Lecture in 1972 at the Calcutta University.

He wrote another book of Reminiscence "Smriti Bhare" in Bengali. Professor Chakravarti providedthe prestigious Biman Bihari Lecture series at the Asiatic Society which was later published as a book entitled "Bengal Vaishnavism and Sri Chaitanya".

He retired from the West Bengal Senior Education Service in 1955 from Presidency College and went on to become the Head of the Department of Bengali at Burdwan University. He was also relatedwith the PublicationGraduate Department of C. U. in the capacity of a Part time Lecturer. He served at two other institutions namely Muralidhar Girls’ College and Maharani Kashishwari College in Kolkata as the Principal.

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