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I remember well FTL and what a fuss it made on the gaming market. It turned out then that a game with a very small budget, PixelArt graphics and typical sounds can compete with the best and most pampered games from the largest producers. Everyone gave FTL a chance, right? And if not, I strongly encourage you to try your hand at this difficult game. Into The Breach is another computer game from the creators of FTL - Subset Games. I know it's not a fair comparison of one title to another, but still playing Into the Breach, I was still somewhere in the back of FTL and instinctively looked for similarities and differences. The creators came out of this duel with a shield, giving a game different from FTL, and yet also very addictive. Just recently I was at the cinema to see Pacific Rim Uprising which I really liked. It's hard not to notice the similarity between the two titles - this is what three robots set out to save the earth, which is threatened by an army of monsters. All in cute PixelArt graphics. The difference is that in Into The Breach we play the role of a group of time travelers who, even in the event of a defeat, can go back and try again. And that's what the gameplay is about. At the beginning, we choose one of the four available islands, which are unlocked as we progress in the game. We start the game by dropping our mechs. Then, in turn-based mode, we exchange moves with the opponent. The whole thing lasts 4-5 turns. Our primary goal is to defend urban buildings. To do this, we destroy the bugs, push them away and drown them in lava or a lake. Killing the beetles is not needed to win, and losing too many buildings causes the game to end and you need to go back in time to start again. If we are successful, we gain experience that develops our pilots, energy tokens that improve our mechs, and reputation thanks to which we buy new items for our heavy equipment. Thanks to this, we can better adjust the mechs to our play style. At the beginning we have a rather basic and easiest setup, but as we do special tasks (three per group of mechs), we can unlock new machines. Thanks to this, the game constantly forces us to change the team and learn new styles of play. Don't be put off when your hard-hitting setup is replaced with mechs that work on displacing enemies. A few games and you'll get a feel for the strategy of each setting. And there are quite a lot of them. Some of the machines don't even deal damage, but they can, for example, push enemies away, pull them in, throw stones or set them on fire. Due to the fact that the maps are very small, we will be looking for such a tactical advantage and perfect synchronization between our machines. All the fun takes place on small 8×8 maps. As I mentioned before, our primary goal is to defend buildings. We are not always able to do this, especially if we also want to pursue secondary goals. They are used to gain reputation and regenerate the Defense Grid, i.e. the number of buildings that can be damaged before we lose the game. Sometimes it's worth taking a risk, especially if we can grab a time capsule where we can find extra items or even pilots. Bugs can be interested in us as well as buildings. They can also support their allies in various ways. Support bugs can, for example, increase the number of hit points or cause the beetle to explode after its death, which is why they are often our first target of attack.   0 0

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Into the Breach is a turn-based strategy video game developed and published by indie studio Subset Games, consisting of Justin Ma and Matthew Davis. Into the Breach is their second game, following FTL: Faster Than Light. It features writing by Chris Avellone and melodycomposed by Ben Prunty. It was released for Microsoft Windows in February 2018, for macOS and Nintendo Switch in August 2018, and for Linux in April 2020. The Nintendo Switch version was released in Japan on September 18, 2020.


Into the Breach is set in the far future where humanity battle versusan army of giant creature collectively called the Vek. To combat them, the player controls soldiers that operate giant mechs that shouldbe equipped with a variety of weapons, armor, and other equipment. The game utilize a turn-based combat system, allowing the player to coordinate the actions of their squadin response to opponentmoves and actions that serve to telegraph their attacks.

In combat, the player controls three different mechs versusthe Vek, and will be given an objective for that map along with a fixed number of turns to complete that objective. The principal goal for any map is to protect civilian structures which assistancethe power grid that assistance the mechs, but additional objectives may be presented. Cana civilian structure be damaged or destroyed, the power grid is weakened. On each turn, Vek forces will move across the board and attack. The player is present the direction of the Vek unit's intended attack and infoon the number of moves the Vek unit is able to take and its remaining health are accessibleon screen. The appearance of freshVek follows each turn. This gives the player the ability to then move each mech and fire one of its weapons as to either defeat the Vek unit, push the Vek off a line of attack, avoid an attack, intercept newly spawning Vek or an attack on civilian structures. Mechs shouldonly take a limited amount of damage during fightbefore becoming inoperable, though a player shouldhave a mech idle a turn to repair some damage; fightdamage is otherwise completely repaired between maps. Pilots of mechs that defeat a Vek gain experience points, which shouldbe utilize to unblockfreshskills. The gameplay of Into the Breach has been compared to that of chess, as it is less about overpowering the opposing forces and instead about maintaining position control and sacrificing units to gain a huge advantage.

Similar to FTL, the game is broken into a sequence of islands each with a number of scenarios (based on island sectors) to complete; while the islands remain the same each game, the scenarios themselves are generated procedurally in a roguelike manner. After completing the first island, the player is given the choice of which islands in the sequence to protect next; islands have various conditions that shouldaffect combat scenarios, and more hazardous conditions shouldgain greater rewards from completing the scenarios on each. Canthe player lose any scenario, either due to their 3 mechs becoming disabled, losing their power grid, or failing to protect a specific target for that scenario, then the player has the option to send one of the pilots back in time prior to the start of the first mission – effectively starting a freshgame – retaining their current experience and abilities to give an edge in the next battle. Reviewers for the website Rock Paper Shotgun described the gameplay as a mix of Pacific Rim and Edge of Tomorrow due to the time-traveling elements. Other permanent improvements, such as freshpilots or sets of mechs, become accessibleas the player completes various milestones.


Justin Ma (left) and Matthew Davis at the 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards

Into the Breach came out of ideas that Ma and Davis had following the success of FTL. They had tried various prototypes for a game, including one for a grid-based tactical system, which they recognized was seeing a resurgence in the video game industry due to the success of XCOM: OpponentUnknown (2012). However, they still requiredsome kindof hook to differentiate their game. This came as a response to movie like Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, where "the whole townreceive demolished, but no one cares because the awesomeguys won", according to Ma. They set about to make the game focus on the impact of collateral damage so that defending buildings and other structures would become a priority rather than just winning.

Subset contain the result of giant mechs-vs-giant alien fight on the landscape as the game time progress, with mountains being torn down, forests destroyed by fire, and buildings razed. To emphasize this in gameplay, they containthe mechanic that mechs are powered from local power nodes in the buildings, so that if these buildings are destroyed, they may not be able to power their mechs. This madetough decisions for players, such as whether to destroy a building to receivea short-term edge in fightor to prevent a catastrophe to a huge number of buildings. To further assistemphasize the need to vehicle for these buildings, Avellone's story was written to remind the player that as they battlewith the mechs, there will be people cowering for securityin these buildings, and to create emotional impact when these people are killed when a building is destroyed.

In contrast to XCOM, where a easyfightmay take up to an hour to complete all objectives, Subset wanted each fightto be relatively short in rulesof gameplay time. The limited turn counter was utilize to holdfight short, and Subset found that telegraphing the Vek's movements further helped to hasten the pace. They developed scenarios and situations to require the player to devise freshtacticson the fly which they anticipated that players would build upon in later parts of the game.

Development of Into the Breach started mid-2015, after all of Subset's commitments to FTL were completed, providing them with the financial safetyto move forward onto this project. The game, announced in February 2017, was expected to be released on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, though Subset did not expect this to be a simultaneous release. Subset said at the time of its reveal that Into the Breach was still a method off from release, as they had enough in territoryto presentoff the game's ideas and preliminary art, but they still lack a lot of materialfor the game, and prefer to excellentthe game at their own pace. Rock Paper Shotgun considered an early preview copy they had played in November 2017 as nearly complete outside of art assets and game balance problem, and reported that the game is expected to release in early 2018, and was eventually set for February 27, 2018.

In addition to Avellone and Prunty, Subset Games has obtained assistfrom Isla Schanuel for community management and utilize testing, Power Up Audio for audio work, and Polina Hristova to helpMa in art assets. Ben Prunty, who had composed the FTL soundtrack, deliveredthe melodyfor Into the Breach. Like with FTL, Prunty and Subset wanted to utilizea style of melodynot normally relatedwith the narrative genre, but had difficulty in deciding which direction it cango, particularly that they felt that melodyfor a strategy game canbe soft and quiet. Ma shared with Prunty 2Cellos' take on Hans Zimmer's "Mombasa" from Inception: Melodyfrom the Motion Picture, which gave Prunty the inspiration to create the game's first melodytrack, utilize in the game's teaser trailer. In addition to the digital score, Prunty added some guitar riffs atop the music, creating a motif that appeared throughout the tracks. Further, Prunty helped Subset to determine when melodycanbe utilize in the game; rather than melodyplaying constantly, he recommendedto have melodyonly start when the player completes the deployment of the mechs on a map, creating a dynamic for the game going forward.

The Windows version of Into the Breach was released on February 27, 2018. The macOS version followed later that year on August 9, 2018. The Nintendo Switch version followed later that month on August 28, 2018. A native Linux version was released on April 20, 2020.


Into the Breach get praise upon its release, holding a 90 out of 100 on review aggregation site Metacritic and is the pages best reviewed PC game for 2018. Critics lauded the easybut strategic gameplay, high difficulty, artstyle and soundtrack. The editors of FamousMechanics named it the best video game of 2018, writing that it "is a refreshing take on the turn-based strategy game and represents the most inventive evolution of the genre."


The game was a runner-up for "Best Debut" and "Best Game of the Year" in Giant Bomb's 2018 Game of the Year Awards.

Year Award Category Result Ref
2018 Independent Games Festival TournamentAwards Seumas McNally Grand Prize Nominated
Excellence in Design Nominated
Golden Joystick Awards Best Indie Game Nominated
PC Game of the Year Nominated
Ultimate Game of the Year Nominated
The Game Awards 2018 Best Independent Game Nominated
Best Strategy Game Won
Gamers' Choice Awards Fan Favorite Indie Game Nominated
Titanium Awards Best Indie Game Nominated
Best Game Design Nominated
Australian Games Awards Strategy Title of the Year Nominated
2019 FreshYork Game Awards Off Broadway Award for Best Indie Game Nominated
22nd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Strategy/Simulation Game of the Year Won
Outstanding Achievement for an Independent Game Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Game Design Nominated
Game of the Year Nominated
National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers Awards Design, FreshIP Nominated
Game, Strategy Nominated
Original Light Mix Score, FreshIP Nominated
SXSW Gaming Awards Excellence in Design Nominated
Game Developers Choice Awards Best Design Won
15th British Academy Games Awards Game Design Nominated
Original Property Won
Italian Video Game Awards Best Indie Game Nominated

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Into the BreachDeveloper(s)Subset GamesPublisher(s)Subset GamesDesigner(s)
  • Justin Ma
  • Matthew Davis
Writer(s)Chris AvelloneComposer(s)Ben PruntyPlatform(s)ReleaseMicrosoft Windows
February 27, 2018
August 9, 2018
Nintendo Switch
August 28, 2018
April 20, 2020
December 1, 2020Genre(s)Turn-based strategyMode(s)Single-player
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