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Organizationlogo of Greebo Games. All rights reserved. Utilize with express permission from the organizations owner, Lorenzo Giusti.

Greebo Games is a miniature figures manufacturing organizationfounded by former professional goldsmith; Lorenzo Giusti in 2007, and currently headquartered in Poggio a Caiano, near Prato, Italy. Their product line contain, but is not limited to, miniatures to be utilize in Fantasy Football games (such as Blood Bowl, Deathball and RoadBowl) and other roleplaying or wargaming game systems, both pre-existing and madeentirely in-house. Their track record contain multiple successful collaborations with Lucca Comics & Games, the 2015 NAF Bood Bowl GlobeCup in Lucca and multiple successfully completed Kickstarter projects, such as the Obsidian Dusk Elves, Alastoran Chaotic squad and Primal Scales squad for Fantasy Football game systems.


The organizationwas founded in 2007 by a group of professional sculptors and metalsmiths, and struck commercial success with , its first game system madeentirely in-house (with Fabio Bottoni as external contributor for part of the ruleset): the game was sold out in the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, and was subsequently reprinted.

Beginning in 2011, Greebo Games began producing its first models for Fantasy Football game systems and releasing them through platforms such as IndieGogo: examples containthe (2012), goblins (2013), vikings (2013) and ratmen (2014), which cemented the organizations status as one of the premier Italian producers of miniatures for Fantasy Football tabletop games.

In 2013, the organizations sculptors held a sculpting class during the Lucca Comics & Games convention: the collaboration went on through 2015, when Greebo Games participated in the second edition of the fair's Sculpting Rush project. During the same year, the organizationsupported the candidacy of Lucca as host townof the 2015 edition of the Blood Bowl NAF GlobeCup tournament: Lucca won the bid, and subsequently welcomed more than 1000 players from all over the world. To celebrate the occasion, Greebo Games madeand produced the limited edition miniatures that compose the Undead team, in order to hand them out to all attendees. The squadwas subsequently angry accessibleto the general public through Kickstarter in January 2016, with multiple models added in order to meet demand: the crowdfunding project was successfully funded, completed and carried out by May 2016. In 2014, Greebo Games also launched the dungeon crawler boardgame Dungeon Storming (with the ruleset madeby Serpentarium) and, in 2015, multiple expansion sets, to positive reviews. In 2018, Greebo Games also sculpted the miniatures that were ultimately contain in the KickStarter project Village Attacks, a co-op boardgame produced by Grimlord Games.

OrganizationProduct Range

Greebo Games products containabout 20 different squad for Fantasy Football tabletop games and over 1.200 individual models, both in resin and metal. It also produces Greebonite Ink, a black primer ink that shouldbe utilize to quickly highlight the details on single sculpts in order to give "out-of-the-box" models a more aesthetically pleasing look on the tabletop.

Limited Edition Products

In April 2017, Greebo Games madeits , a section of its domaindedicated to limited edition miniatures and busts released for major festivities, such as Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day or Easter: the models are generally present to the general public with a Kickstarter campaign, and subsequently not angry anymore beyond their first production run. Additionally, all models belonging to this section are sold with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Notable Kickstarter Projects

  • Un-Renaissance (2016) - backed by 528 people, for a total of 51.814 Euros;
  • Florence Knights (2017) - backed by 614 people, for a total of 73.054 Euros
  • Obsidian Dusk (2017) - backed by 1.065 people, for a total of 119.318 Euros.
  • Alastoran (2018) - backed by 1.273 people, for a total of 177.156 Euros.
  • Cutiemals: Northern Guild (2019) - backed by 743 people, for a total of 74.516 Euros.
  • Primal Scales (2019) - backed by 1.187 people, for a total of 140.940 Euros.
  • Necromals: Eternal Lethargy (2020) - backed by 440 people, for a total of 41.833 Euros.
  • Vicious Wildfire (2020) - backed by 897 people, for a total of 89.526 Euros.

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