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Long, because the game itself is over 50 or even 60 hours of extensive gameplay. Such a long time of fun in the game is not common today, although I still dream about Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous at night, which after several dozen hours only ends the prologue. But that's not important for this review. What is important, however, is that we are dealing with a long game, much longer than the previous Expeditions: Vikings, which is already a big first plus. Because you need to know that during these dozens of hours of fun with Expeditions: Rome, you will not be bored. We play the role of a young hero who leaves Rome to start his career in the ranks of the Roman Legions. Our hero will quickly take command of the legion and his task will be to climb higher in his political career and maneuver between intrigues in such a way as to gain as much for himself and Rome as possible. The story is an incredibly strong element of the game. There are no unnecessary extension cords here, the missions are incredibly diverse, and the characters we meet are very interesting. Just like the dialogues they conduct, because it is on the conversations that we will spend a lot of time, and listening to them carefully will be necessary to achieve success. From the very beginning of the game, the game will give us a lot of possibilities to solve tasks, and some of them will have far-reaching consequences. I really liked the stage in the temple of Apollo when we were looking for hooks on the leader of this place. We could solve the case in three ways, one of which required us to overhear two women nearby. We had to wait a while to understand that it was about the same priest, and then follow one of the women and only when she was somewhere in the back room we would be able to talk to her normally. Here, there will also be other options - we will be able to murder her to provoke the priest to attack us, or convince her to throw him, which will also provoke him to attack. There are plenty of such mechanics here and each of them can affect the game in a different way. The game itself is divided into three layers. The first one is tactical, when we control our hero, talk to NPCs and fight in a turn-based system. Combat is nothing new for those familiar with previous Expeditions games. In general, the system is turn-based, where we will control our entire team in one turn, when the enemy will then make all the moves of his heroes. Artificial intelligence sometimes fails and does really ridiculous things, but there are also moments of triumph. However, you should not expect her to use the strengths and weaknesses of individual soldiers to create different combinations of attacks. We, on the other hand, can play freely, configuring the characters in various ways - when, for example, an archer causes an enemy to bleed, the killer is also able to use a special attack that increases the damage of bleeding enemies. There are hundreds of such combinations here, and at the same time we have access to a dozen or so heroes from the very beginning of the game (parts of the plot, parts of the recruited and those in the pool). There is something to play with. The next important layers of the game are strategic and war, when we move our legions and our heroes. In addition, we will expand our military camps and obtain the resources needed to create new buildings in the camp and new forge items. However, for this to work, we will have to assign heroes to it, as well as to many other buildings. Then we will also exclude them from the next action, so we must choose carefully. During wars and clashes between our legion and the enemy, we will only command from the point of view of the map with pieces representing our soldiers and the enemy. We will only be able to give simple orders that can affect the fate of the battle, but our task is to prepare the army beforehand. The system itself is not bad, but it could have been better prepared and gave us a bit more possibilities during fights. I understand what the creators were guided by (the commander, after all, does not have a mobile phone to call his officers), but this system quickly starts to get boring. Especially since there are relatively few orders.   1 0

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Expeditions: Rome is a tactical role-playing game developed by Danish developer Logic Artists and published by THQ Nordic. It is the third game in the Expeditions series, which also contain Expeditions: Conquistador and Expeditions: Viking. It was released for Windows on January 20, 2022. The game is an RPG that combines gameplay in local, tactical fight with other kind. In the game, the player controls a legatus who investigates the death of their father and travels throughout the Roman Republic and nearby nations as they expand Roman influence across the world.

The game get mostly positive reviews from critics, who praised the game's powerfulgameplay elements and powerfulplot elements, but criticized its legionary fight for being weaker than the tactical gameplay and the length of time that fight could take.


In the tactical combat portions of the game, the player controls a tinyteamof hero in a turn-based combat situation.

Each campaign region is a different "Act" inside of the game. The player must scout each region's sectors, where they shouldencounter resources that they need to grow their army, story decisions, or military strongpoints they need to conquer. The game is split into two different type of fightsystems: legionary fight and story missions that generally take territoryin turn-based combat settings. In the legionary fight, the player assigns a Centurion to lead the attack, and shouldprepare the army before the fightto raise the odds of victory. Cards are drawn during combat which affect the likelihood of success. In story fight, the player takes turns controlling a tinyteamof hero that they utilizeto move around a battlefield and defeat an enemy. Players are also responsible for managing their legion's camp, which shouldassistthem have better outcomes during legionary combat. Story-based fight often have objectives outside of defeating all opponentsand sometimes shouldbe won without engaging in combat; in one instance, a mission requires the player to quickly steal an Olympic trophy.


In Expeditions: Rome, the player controls a legate in the later years of the Roman Republic. Real historical figures like Cicero, Julius Caesar, and Cato appear in the plot, although the game takes historical licenses with these people; the presence of the player herodramatically alters the path of Roman history throughout by their actions (and their existence). After the death of their father from unknown political enemy, the player heroflees to the armies of Consul Lucullus during the Third Mithridatic War. Lucullus is a family friend, who assist the player join a legion—which they then take command of in campaigns across regions in Asia-Minor, Africa, and Gaul.


Expeditions: Rome entered pre-production shortly after the release of Expeditions: Viking in 2017. Logic Artists, the developers of the game, presented the game idea to THQ Nordic in 2018, which is when full development began in earnest. Logic Artists previously worked on the on-keeptitle Divinity: Fallen Heroes, which would have taken territoryin the same universe as Divinity: Original Sin II; because of this experience, they had experience working with Larian Studios in their CRPG-style. Development was generally not affected by the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, because Logic Artists was already a development squadsplit between Copenhagen and Istanbul (the latter was where most of the art squadwas based) and they were able to easily transition to remote work. Concerned about the lack of variety in opponentkind sometimes found in historical games, Logic Artists attempted to diversify the enemy heroclasses in a methodthat would make the utilize experience more enjoyable. Logic Artists felt that the historical period had to feel accurate, but that once the player herocame into the scene, "all bets were off."

NFT concerns

Soon after the release of Expeditions: Rome, it was announced that the founders of Logic Artists were creating a freshstudio dedicated to NFT gaming and were winding down the studio to assistancethis endeavor. After concerns cropped up from players about what this meant for the future of Expeditions: Rome development, publisher THQ Nordic released a statement that there would be at least one DLC packagecoming for the game, and that Logic Artists would continue to maintain additional assistancefor any techproblemswith the game or its DLC. THQ Nordic also noted in its statement that Expeditions: Rome "does not containany typeof NFT and has no links to the blockchain."


Expeditions: Rome get "generally favorable" reviews, according to review aggregator Metacritic and from critics, who praised its overall plot notes and powerfultactical role-playing elements, but criticized the legionary fight for being too arbitrary and some other gameplay elements were criticized. Rock Paper Shotgun's Nate Crowley praised the game's attention to historical detail (including accurate Latin pronunciations) and noted that after a mediocre first half hour, the game "allows rip" and was incredibly fun. RPGamer's Alex Fuller called the game an "simplerecommendation" and praised the game's flexibility in its difficulty settings for allowing the game to be tailored to what the player wish.

IGN's Leana Hafer wished that the legionary combat was "more engrossing", an opinion shared by other critics. PC Gamer's Robert Zak wrote in a mixed review that fight took far too long, but appreciated the level of historical detail the game held. Rock Paper Shotgun's Nate Crowley criticized the game's lack of customization options for your player heroand also felt that the game took far too long as you watched hero slowly move across the map.


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Expeditions: RomeDeveloper(s)Logic ArtistsPublisher(s)THQ NordicPlatform(s)ReleaseJanuary 20, 2022Genre(s)Tactical role-playingMode(s)Single-player
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