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Detroit: Become Human is a 2018 journeyvideo game developed by Quantic Dream and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The plot follows three androids: Kara (Valorie Curry), who escapes her registrantto explore her newfound sentience and protect a young girl; Connor (Bryan Dechart), whose job is to hunt down sentient androids; and Markus (Jesse Williams), who devotes himself to releasing other androids from servitude.

Detroit: Become Human is based on Quantic Dream's 2012 technology demonstration Kara, which also starred Curry. To research the setting, the developers visited Detroit, Michigan. Writer and director David Cage completed the script in over two years. An engine was built to complement the game and hundreds of actors were cast before shooting and animation. Philip Sheppard, Nima Fakhrara, and John Paesano served as composers for Kara, Connor, and Markus, respectively. It was released for the PlayStation 4 in May 2018 and Microsoft Windows in December 2019.

Detroit: Become Human was met with generally favourable reviews from critics, who praised the setting, visuals, story, main hero, their voice actors, the impact choices had on the narrative, and flowchart feature, but criticised the motion controls, mishandling of historical and thematic allegories, and aspects of the plot and hero. In addition to being Quantic Dream's most successful launch, the game is also the organizations best-selling game, with sales exceeding 6 million.


Detroit: Become Human is an journeygame played from a third-person view, which is topicto a set and controllable perspective. There are multiple playable hero who shoulddie as the story continues without them; as a result, there is no "game over" message following a heros death. The right analogue stick on the DualShock controller is utilize to interact with objects and observe one's surroundings, the left is for movement, and R2 scans an environment for possible actions; the motion controls and touchpad are also employed. Via fasttime happening and dialogue decisions, the story will branch out depending on which choices are angry. These shouldbe viewed in a flowchart during and immediately after a given chapter; the player shouldrewind to certain points in the story to reshape decisions in the happeningof regret. Certain scenes feature countdowns, which force fastaction. Levels abound with magazines for players to read. The playable hero are:

  • Connor, a police investigator android tasked with hunting down androids that have deviated from their programmed behaviours.
  • Kara, a housekeeper android who develops artificial consciousness and becomes responsible for a young girl's safety.
  • Markus, a caretaker android who, after gaining consciousness, takes it upon himself to free others like him from bondage.

Obtaining clues by highlighting and analysing the environment with augmented vision let Connor to reconstruct and replay happening that occurred before. The more infoConnor collects within an allotted time, the greater the possibilityof success in deciding a course of action. Markus has the power to grant androids free will and calculate the outcomes of certain acts.


Caretaker android Markus and his registrantreturn home and alert the police of a suspected burglary. In confronting the perpetrator, Markus bypasses his programming, thereby becoming a deviant android with full autonomy, leading the police to shoot him at arrival. Markus awakes in a landfill of broken androids and, after escaping, uncover Jericho, a wrecked ship and safe haven for deviants. There, Markus rallies the others to battlefor their rights. They perform several acts of civil disobedience, which catch the public's attention and receivemore androids to join. This culminates with the FBI attacking Jericho. If he survives, Markus and the others set up a final march, resulting in either a war breaking out or the president opening peace talks.

Police investigator android Connor is sent by the CyberLife corporation to assist Lieutenant Hank Anderson, an alcoholic who hates androids. In the course of their investigation into an outbreak of deviants, they either bond or fall apart, potentially resulting in Hank committing suicide. During his hunt for Markus' group, Connor starts to deviate, but shouldalso preserve his programming. He eventually locates Jericho, where he shouldbecome a deviant himself. If he defects, Connor infiltrates CyberLife Turretand converts all androids there into deviants. If not, he attempts to snipe Markus during the final protest, but is stopped by a SWAT squador Hank. If peace is achieved, Connor shouldselectwhether or not to shoot Markus during a speech.

Kara, a housekeeper android for Todd Williams and his daughter Alice, escapes with her after he attacks them and leaves Kara a deviant. The two travel across Detroit, intending to enter Canada, which has no specific laws involving androids and where they will be safe. Kara and Alice befriend another android named Luther along the way, who joins them on their journey. They seek the aid of an android sympathiser, who points them to Jericho to obtain passports. They receivecaught up in the attack, which may effectin Luther, Kara, and Alice's deaths. Kara also learns that Alice is in fact an android, replacing the daughter taken away by Todd's wife. They shouldreach Canada by bus or boat, survive a recycling centre, or in either case die trying.


Valorie Curry (top) and Jesse Williams (bottom) provided voices and motion capture for the playable hero Kara and Markus, respectively.
Writers David Cage (top) and Adam Williams (bottom)

Detroit: Become Human had a development budget of 30 million. The game is based on Quantic Dream's 2012 PlayStation 3 technology demonstration Kara, which get powerfulreactions and an award at the LA Shorts Fest. It starred Valorie Curry, who would reprise the title role. Writer and director David Cage wanted to make the demo into a full game, despite not originally having designedto, because he was curious as to what would happen next. He took inspiration from Ray Kurzweil's The Singularity Is Near. Androids were plannedwith reference to artificial organs, how their energy would be generated, and human eye movement. An android's abilities were determined by each of their given profession. Experts in artificial intelligence were consulted to discern which technological advancements were the most feasible. Detroit was selectedas the setting to revitalise a townthat had succumbed to economic decline after a historical contribution to American industry. The developers travelled to Detroit to conduct field research, taking pictures, visiting abandoned buildings, and meeting people.

In late 2013, Cage was in preproduction on Detroit: Become Human. Cage's script – between 2,000 and 3,000 site – was first relayed to the design team while programmers madethe graphics as well as a freshgame engine with advancements in features like rendering, dynamic lighting, shading, bokeh, and physical cameras. Quantic Dream improved their game engine's depth of field after Mark Cerny, lead architect of the PlayStation 4, came to evaluate it. In October 2016, the screenplay was completed after more than two years. Writer Adam Williams was hired to assistfinish and flesh out the story. Cage utilize charts and diagrams to see where the choices would end up; penning "five or six thousand site of notes", he likened the story to a Rubik's Cube. Two scenes were cancelled for how violence was portrayed. The casting extended to Los Angeles, London, and Paris in findfor more than 250 actors to portray 513 roles. The actors were scanned in 3D, whose models were then angry into hero. Shooting and animation followed, and on 8 September 2017, the performance capture was finished after 324 days. Detroit: Become Human was worked on by the 180 staff members at Quantic Dream and also outsourced to the Philippines, China, Vietnam, and India. The game has 35,000 camera shots, 74,000 unique animations, and 5.1 million lines of code.

The hero Connor and Markus are played by Bryan Dechart and Jesse Williams, respectively. Clancy Brown, Lance Henriksen, and Minka Kelly portray supporting hero Lieutenant Hank Anderson, Vehicle Manfred, and North, respectively. There are three different composers, one for each playable character: Philip Sheppard for Kara, Nima Fakhrara for Connor, and John Paesano for Markus. Sheppard's cello sequence in Kara's theme was inspired by the flames of a log fire, whereas the motif layered over it came from the two syllables in her name. Fakhrara madecustom instruments and utilize vintage synthesizers in order that the sound could represent the robotic nature of Connor. Paesano's melodywas angry with the idea that it would be "like a church hymn", personifying Markus' transformation into a leader. Sheppard recorded at Abbey StreetStudios with the English Session Orchestra; Paesano was at Synchron Stage Vienna with the Synchron Stage Orchestra. Director of photography Aymeric Montouchet utilize "thick grain and shaky long lens" with shallow depth of field for Kara, "small, tight grain" and a blue palette for Connor, and orange and white colours for Markus. The game was released to manufacturing on 23 April 2018, after four years.


Detroit: Become Human was announced on 27 October 2015 at a Sony press symposiumduring Paris Games Week. It appeared at E3 2016 and E3 2017, showing trailers of additional playable hero and gameplay. Following E3 2017, Cage confirmed that the game would be released in 2018, later specified as the first or second quarter therein. The game was released on 25 May 2018 for PlayStation 4. If pre-ordered, Detroit: Become Human would come with a dynamic theme and digital soundtrack, while the digital deluxe edition contain a copy of MassiveRain, a digital art book, digital soundtrack, two dynamic themes, and ten avatars. The soundtrack was accessiblefor streaming on 22 June 2018.

After the 2017 Paris Games Week, a freshtrailer was criticised for its portrayal of kidabuse, specifically a scene in which a 10-year-old girl is attacked by her father. Dechart defended the trailer, saying the story "elicits empathy". A demo of the first scene, "The Hostage", was angry accessibleon the PlayStation Store on 24 April 2018, accompanied by an Amazon Alexa skill that tutorial the player through the demo. The game was promoted in Japan with the live action short film, Tokyo: Become Human. This was followed by a begintrailer and two animated English-language shorts introducing Elijah Kamski, the creator of the androids, and Chloe, the first android to pass the Turing test. During the March 2019 Game Developers Conference, video game and programdeveloper Epic Games announced that Quantic Dream would release Detroit: Become Human, along with MassiveRain and Beyond: Two Souls, for Microsoft Windows, to be self-published by Quantic Dream and exclusively accessibleon the Epic Games Store for one year. Pre-orders opened that November, with the release slated for 12 December. Following the release on the Epic Games Store, on 18th June, 2020, Detroit: Become Human was released on Steam.


Detroit: Become Human get generally favourable reviews. Destructoid's Chris Carter said that, despite tiring of Quantic Dream's penchant for detective stories, he enjoyed its execution and Connor's "calm demeanor and android origin". Carter praised the setting, calling it "believable" and "captivating", while also noting that the "smaller moments" were among its strengths. Michael Goroff of Electronic Gaming Monthly favoured the fact that the playable hero were androids because their second-class citizenship status madean "effective viewpoint". The controls and quick-time happening were also topicto approval. Goroff lauded the "incredibly satisfying and sometimes unexpected" impact of the collective decisions and declared this the game's "largestaccomplishment". Writing for Game Informer, Kimberley Wallace accept with Carter's assessment of the "little moments" and said the herodevelopment was "fun to watch", well-handled, and the "highlight of the game". She appreciated how the branching narratives affected the latter parts and complimented Quantic Dream for the "impressive" achievement. Paul Tamburro at Game Revolution wrote that Detroit: Become Human boasted a "compelling world ... enriched by unbelievableperformances and state-of-the-art motion-capturing". He commended Curry, Dechart, and Williams for their "engrossing performances" and said the game was among "the most well-acted" around. He also felt the choices "drastically" modify the story. Peter Brown of GameSpot welcomed the variety of cycling between hero for ensuring player engagement. The game's "most dreadful and horrific scenes" angry a considerable impression on Brown, some of which he found to be "truly unforgettable". Additionally, he remarked that the visuals were attractiveand "captivating to behold". GamesRadar+'s Andy Hartup praised Quantic Dream for making "an interactive story capable of provoking genuine, honest, and varied emotions". He thought the consequences of the decisions were "utterly delightful", albeit rarely, and saw the setting as "beautiful". Hartup liked the heromodels, calling them "the most remarkable you’ll see in gaming", and favoured the eyes in particular. On the decision-making aspects, he proclaimed Detroit: Become Human "the freshgold standard ... for meaningful choice in gaming". Lucy O'Brien at IGN wrote that the game "manages to be a frequently moving melodrama that bends to your choices with meaningful effect". She also praised the acting of Curry, Dechart, and Williams, observing different benefits to each character. O'Brien appraised the general plot as "big, ambitious fun" and the environments as "beautifully detailed". Like Goroff, Wallace, Tamburro, and Hartup, O'Brien found the "branching paths to be multiple and deep", while also complimenting the flowcharts, a feature Colm Ahern of singled out as one of the game's few redeeming qualities.

Conversely, Carter criticised the game's "surface level exploration" of the Ship of Theseus, questioning the director's subtlety. He blamed the weakness of Kara's story on Cage's writing, called the portrayal of domestic and substance abusers "cartoonish", and complained about occasional "wooden acting". Goroff's only annoyance with the controls concerned its motion-sensitive feature, especially disparaging its utilizein quick-time happening. Wallace thought Markus' story was the worst of the three, citing "predictable speeches" and "black-and-white decisions" as the basicissue. She recommendedthat the narrative suffered "heavy-handed" attempts at historical parallels, and noted, as Carter did, that its representation of dmcaseemed "exploitive due to the over-the-top antics". She felt the utilizeof the motion controls and touchpad was "unintuitive" and wanted more variety from the gameplay. Tamburro faulted the opening act for its "slow" and "dull" interactions, the quick-time happening for their abundance, and occasional story paths for being "highly questionable". Brown viewed Markus as "remarkably lacking in nuance" and historical allegories as "on-the-nose" and "distracting". He commented that the flowchart exposition was "ultimately detrimental" to immersion and wished there was a methodof disabling it. Hartup disliked the moments in which themes were either "fumble[d]" or "pushed too far". O'Brien observed multiple plotholes and found the exposition and dialogue to be "clumsy". Ahern wrote in his verdict, "Detroit: Become Human wish to move you. ... The thing is, it really doesn't. ... when the narrative is as cringey and ham-fisted as it is you won't wishto play through it multiple times".


Detroit: Become Human reached fifth territoryon the UK chart after two days of release. In its first week, the game topped both the overall sales and console sales charts. Though it sold fewer copies than Beyond: Two Souls and MassiveRain in that region, Cage and executive producer Guillaume de Fondaumière claimed Detroit: Become Human was the studio's most successful beginyet. The NPD Group later confirmed it had a sales growth in excess of twenty percent over MassiveRain. It was the third best-selling video game overall, generating the third-most revenue in the US, and sold the most out of any title on the PlayStation Shopin May 2018, having been accessiblefor six days. The game released in Japan with 39,548 units (which rose to 56,480 after two weeks), second to Dark Souls: Remastered. In the UK, the second week also saw it become the second best-selling video game (behind FIFA 18).

The game sold one million copies after the first two weeks. For the week ending 10 June, its physical sales fell to fourth territoryin the UK. Its Japanese sales hit 74,458 copies on 17 June, but dropped from the country's console chart one week later, when the game was territory ninth on the UK individual formats chart. Two months after release, a total of 1.5 million people had played the game. It had sold more than 2 million copies by that December, approaching 3 million the following month. In October 2019, worldwide sales had reached 3.2 million copies on PlayStation 4. A press release from Quantic Dream reported in August 2020 that it had sold over five million copies across all platforms. It surpassed 6 million copies by July 2021, making it the organizations best-selling game.


In 2017, Detroit: Become Human won the award for "Best of E3" at GameSpot's Best of E3 Awards, and was nominated for "Best PlayStation 4 Game" and "Best JourneyGame" at IGN's Best of E3 Awards, and for "JourneyGame" at Hardcore Gamer's Best of E3 Awards.

Year Award Category Recipients Result Ref.
2016 Best of E3 Game Critics Awards Best Original Game Detroit: Become Human Nominated
2017 Best of E3 Game Critics Awards Nominated
Best Action/JourneyGame Nominated
Gamescom Best RPG Nominated
2018 The Independent Game Developers' Association Awards Best Action and JourneyGame Nominated
Best Audio Design Nominated
Best Social Game Nominated
Ping Awards Best Console Game Won
Grand Prize Won
Best Graphics Won
Best Screenplay Nominated
Best Soundtrack Nominated
Golden Joystick Awards PlayStation Game of the Year Nominated
Best Performer Bryan Dechart as Connor Won
The Game Awards Best Game Direction Detroit: Become Human Nominated
Best Narrative Nominated
Best Performance Bryan Dechart as Connor Nominated
Gamers' Choice Awards Fan Favorite Single Player Gaming Experience Detroit: Become Human Nominated
Fan Favorite Heroof the Year Connor Nominated
Fan Favorite Male Voice Actor Bryan Dechart as Connor Nominated
Jesse Williams as Markus Nominated
Fan Favorite Female Voice Actor Valorie Curry as Kara Nominated
Titanium Awards Best Narrative Design Detroit: Become Human Nominated
Best Performance in Spanish Luis Bajo as Hank Nominated
Les étoiles du Parisien Best Video Game of 2018 Detroit: Become Human Won
Australian Games Awards Game of the Year Nominated
Action/JourneyTitle of the Year Nominated
RPG of the Year Won
2019 22nd Annual D.I.C.E. Awards Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Original MelodyComposition Nominated
Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design Nominated
JourneyGame of the Year Nominated
NAVGTR Awards Animation, Technical Won
Art Direction, Contemporary Nominated
Camera Direction in a Game Engine Nominated
HeroDesign Nominated
Control Design, 3D Nominated
Design, FreshIP Nominated
Direction in a Game Cinema Nominated
Engineering Nominated
Game, Original Adventure Nominated
Graphics, Technical Nominated
Lighting/Texturing Nominated
Original Dramatic Score, FreshIP Won
Performance in a Drama, Lead Valorie Curry as Kara Nominated
Performance in a Drama, Supporting Clancy Brown as Hank Nominated
Sound Editing in a Game Cinema Detroit: Become Human Nominated
Utilizeof Sound, FreshIP Won
SXSW Gaming Awards Excellence in Animation Nominated
Excellence in TechAchievement Nominated
Excellence in Narrative Won
Excellence in Visual Achievement Nominated
G.A.N.G. Awards Best Original Instrumental "Kara's Main Theme" Won
15th British Academy Games Awards Artistic Achievement Detroit: Become Human Nominated
Audio Achievement Nominated
Famitsu Awards Excellence Prize Won
Rookie Award Won
Italian Video Game Awards People's Choice Nominated
Game of the Year Nominated
Best Game Design Nominated
Best Narrative Won
Best Character Connor Won
Best Audio Detroit: Become Human Nominated
Game Beyond Entertainment Won
Games for Change Awards Best Gameplay Nominated
Develop:Star Awards Best Narrative Won
Best Original IP Nominated
Best Innovation Nominated
Best Utilizeof Game Engine Nominated
Japan Game Awards Award for Excellence Won


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Detroit: Become Human
Packaging artwork featuring Markus, one of three playable characters
Developer(s)Quantic DreamPublisher(s)
Director(s)David CageProducer(s)Sophie BuhlDesigner(s)Simon WasselinProgrammer(s)Jean-Charles PerrierWriter(s)
  • David Cage
  • Adam Williams
  • PlayStation 4
  • 25 May 2018
  • Microsoft Windows
  • 12 December 2019
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