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Darwine was a port of the Victory libraries to Darwin and Mac OS X (the Victory project provides source code for OS X but not binary builds). The Darwine project intended to port and develop Victory as well as other supporting tools that would letDarwin and Mac OS X users to run Windows app and to provide a Win32 API compatibility at appsource code level.

Darwine is a free and open source programappthat aims to letapp plannedfor Microsoft Windows to run on Mac OS X operating systems. Darwine was developed from Victory which performed these functions on other Unix and Linux operating systems. Darwine also delivereda programlibrary, known as Winelib, versuswhich developers shouldcompile Windows app to assistport them to Unix-like systems.


In 2002, part of the OpenDarwin squadmadeDarwine to assistancecompiling of Win32 source into Mach-O/PowerPC binaries for Macintosh computers. The group succeeded in porting Victory from ELF to Mach-0 Mach-O/PowerPC. The developers then worked to integrate the processor-emulator QEMU with a Mac OS-compatible version of Victory in order to run Win32 EXEs on Mac OS X for PowerPC.

Darwine's focus shifted due to the Mac transition to Intel processors. Darwine applied their patches to Victory for a separate x86 Macintosh version of Darwine. x86 Macintosh computers could run Windows software (if compatible with Victory) natively — resulting in speeds comparable to Mac specific software. The Darwine project stopped active development on the PowerPC version of Darwine in late 2006, but was later revived and freshbuilds — without code modify — were created, starting in mid-2008 by other developers. Version 1.0 was released on June 17, 2008, the same day as version 1.0 of Victory.

After this efforts were angry to move patches from x86 upstream into the main version of Victory. On May 29, 2009, kronenberg.org stated that "As some might have read on Victory-Devel, Darwine is dead for good. The OS X port of Victory formerly known as Darwine is now Victory." It was also stated that in future kronenberg builds Darwine's WineHelper applicationwould be replaced by a freshone called WineBottler.

Prebuilt binaries

The Victory project provides source code for x86 versions of OS X but not binary builds. The Darwine project has had several developers release prebuilt binaries, accessiblefor download in a DMG disk image for easier installation from their SourceForge project page.

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DarwineDeveloper(s)Darwine ProjectStable release
1.0.1 / 2008-10-24
Preview release
1.5.22 / 2013-01-26
Operating systemMac OS X, DarwinPlatformPowerPC, IA-32TypeCompatibility layerLicenseGPL, LGPLWebsite
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