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Broforce is a 2D platform shooter that revives the legend of classic side-scroll arcade games and famous movie tough guys of the 80s and 90s. The game was created by the South African Free Lives studio and Devolver Digital, the publisher of an equally original independent production - Hotline Miami. In the game, we play the most popular action heroes of the late 20th century: John Rambo, Texas Ranger, John McClane's Die Hard or B.A. Barracus from The A-Team. For licensing reasons, their names were enriched with the "bro" element, which resulted in such original combinations as Rambro, Brobocop or Bronan. The mechanics of the game are simple to the limit: by traversing successive platforms, we free the prisoners and eliminate the encountered villains and - from time to time - slightly more demanding mega-bosses. We have a main weapon (which changes depending on the currently controlled hero) and grenades. We complete the next checkpoints by hoisting the American flag on the mast, and after a successful action - leaving fire and ashes behind us - we fly away on board a military helicopter. Among their inspirations, the authors of the game mention the classic shooters they grew up with (Contra, Metal Slug) and contemporary achievements of such developers as Derek Yu (Spelunky) and Vlambeer (Infinite Swat, Super Crate Box). In addition to the concept of the game, its setting is also a clear reference to the classics - pixelated graphics bring to mind classic productions, known from popular 8-bit games. It is worth noting, however, that the game environment is fully destructible, thanks to which, using a grenade, we can, for example, pave our way to hard-to-reach places. In line with the new trends, there is also full support for multiplayer mode. Broforce allows you to play in local co-op and over the Internet - where, apart from cooperation, there is also the possibility of competing in deathmatch mode. The whole thing is completed by the level editor, which allows you to design your own levels using the same tools that the authors of the game used.   1 0

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