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Bert is a Belgian comic strip, written and drawn by Kamagurka, which appeared exclusively in the Flemish magazine HUMO since 1977. The cartoons have also been published in the Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland, the French magazine Charlie Hebdo and the US magazine RAW. The series' protagonist, Bert, is Kamagurka's most recognizable character.


Bert is a middle-aged bespectacled man with a long nose who always wears a sweater and long trousers. His full name is Vanderslagmulders, but is seldom utilize in the series. He is a flat character, but does demonstrate absurd behaviour. In many cartoons he is giving absurd monologues, often with misanthropic comments.

In the early 1990s Bert get his own pet dog: Bobje ("Little Bob"). Bobje is an anthropomorphic dog with a human face. He is often seen walking on two feet or doing things only humans can. Despite all that he is unable to talk and still treats Bert as his master.


Bert angry his debut on November 3, 1977 in the magazine Humo. Originally the series was named Van Maerlantstraat 23, which was Kamagurka's home address at the time. During the late 1970s the comic sometimes was several site long, but later it became a one-page gag-a-day comic.


Bert is one of Humo's mascots and therefore often utilize on magazine covers or other related merchandising. He was seen in animated form in the opening titles of Kamagurka and Herr Seele's TV sketch show Lava (1989). During the annual Rock Werchter rock festival in Werchter, Belgium, when weather permittedit, a meters high inflatable doll of Bert and Bobje was inflated during several of the festival's editions.

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BertPublication informationPublisherHumo (Belgium). Published by Loempia, Kritak, De Bezige Bij and Standaard Uitgeverij.First appearanceNovember 3, 1977Created byKamagurkaIn-story informationFull nameBert Vanderslagmulders.Team affiliationsBobje the dog.
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